The Collections: Holidays

The third collection of banners that I want to tell you about involves Christmas.

Advent collection: holidays

My favorite time of year is the four weeks leading up to Christmas. In our church tradition we call this Advent. During the first week of Advent we light the candle of hope to help us prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of God’s Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The second week we prepare for the coming of Jesus, by lighting the candle of peace and remembering that Jesus is our peace.  The third week we light the candle of joy, as the coming of Jesus draws nearer, our joy builds as we anticipate his birth. And finally, we light the candle of love, remembering how much Christ loved us that He would die on the cross for our sins. Whether you light candles or not, banners from this collection will help you remember throughout the week what we are celebrating. Both banners are double-sided. Banner #1 to use during weeks 1 and 2 reads peace/hope (with dove motif), and Banner #2, for weeks 3 and 4 reads joy (with heart motif)/love.


  1. LOVE IT. Can’t wait for Monday to see all of your creations! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Krista!