The Collections: Remember

Today I wanted to tell you about the second collection. This one has special meaning to me because my father in law is a Civil War buff. I have learned so much from him about this period in our history.

Clara collection: remember

Our house was built in 1924. This is cool for many reasons, not least because it means I get to fill our house with things from days gone by. Last week I was looking for vintage material for a quilt and I stumbled upon a whole line of fabrics that were reproduced from quilts in the Clara Barton Museum. These were quilts soldiers had given her as a way to thank her for helping them when they were hurt during the Civil War. I had goose bumps just reading about these soldiers.  This collection honors Clara and the Red Cross. Premade banners include inspire, courage and hope. If you would like to special order your own word using these fabrics please contact me.

Clara Barton reproduction fabrics


  1. Kris Severson says

    I love this collection! Wonderful words from the past to inspire us to act courageously for a hopeful future. You have put such heartfelt thought in your work. Well done, Jill.