Welcome – Part I

I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life:  I made my first banner for my own family two years ago. We were in the midst of transition learning to live on a smaller salary as my husband had started working for a Christian non-profit in town. While we were thrilled with this new adventure, I knew, growing up as a missionary kid, we were going to need to be reminded that we had made the right decision. Thus our “faith” banner was born. I used burgundy wool I had found at a local thrift store where women tended to drop off sewing items they must have found at the back of the sewing pile because a number of these items were dated early 1940s. The strips of material, thread, bias tape and yarn were in amazing colors and pristine shape. So “faith” was made with burgundy wool and the letters were cut from two of my husbands’ old work shirts. That first year “faith” reminded me that God was with us, that He loved us, and that He would not forsake us.  Last year “faith” helped me get into my new second grade classroom, set it up to receive my students, and begin teaching the end of August. I taught two days and ended up at numerous doctors’ appointments and ultimately the hospital. With my Crohn’s disease diagnosis and myriad tests to determine exactly what and where my pain was located, “faith” reminded me that God was with me, and that He loved me, just because He did. To understand the significance of these statements you need to know that I love teaching. I am the type of person who wakes up happy every morning I go to work. I love kids and seeing the light go on when they have grasped a concept. When I first began teaching, I thanked God for allowing me to be a teacher, but over the years I started thinking that God loved me because I was a teacher. It took all of the pain, uncertainty and ultimately the leaving of my classroom last year, for me to realize that God doesn’t love me because I teach…God loves me, period.


  1. Jan Holsclaw says

    Great story, Jill. And my TRUST banner reminds me daily where I need to be focusing my thoughts…on HIM who is faithful and loving and kind and good…ESPECIALLY as I travel the road HE has designed for me in my journey with cancer! I love you, Mom

  2. And my ALEGRÍA banner serves me well as I try to find JOY in the grind of daily life. I love you!!!