Welcome – Part II

So I am finding myself relearning and learning for the first time things about God.  And during this past year, full of tests, pokes, sickness and ugliness, I felt like God said, “Why don’t you make a banner for so and so. And 88 banners later, I find myself starting a business which will soon be launched on Etsy. (Planning on going live Oct. 10th if my body cooperates). I have Krista, one of my best friends and owner of banner #2, alegría, which hangs in her house in Cordoba, Argentina, to thank for getting me moving in this direction. She was the one who said, “Have you thought of selling your banners?” It took months for me to wrap my head around what that would look like and how I would make the banners in the midst of chronic pain. Late this summer I got word that the newest medication I was taking was working and my Crohn’s was under control. This was great news, Crohn’s-wise, but with auto-immune antibodies starting to show up in my blood work, I am still not out of the woods and have added a rheumatologist to the mix of doctors working on my case. I have Kim to thank for the name of my business. Recently she emailed me to encourage me during a hard week, pain-wise, and said “I am and will continue to pray for joy in the small things for you as so much pain is part of your daily routine.” Joy in the Small Things…yes, that fits!