Where There is Love

Please welcome Amy to Joy in the Small Things. Her story will move you, as it moved me. So thankful for Amy in my life. Love. When I’m told to think of love, I think about warm feelings and a tender emotion. Such as the feeling when a beautiful relationship takes place. But I have found that love … [Read more...]

Advent Banners in Use

When she wrote to ask if I could make a set of Advent banners I was intrigued. They were going to hang them on the wall, one each week, during the month of Advent. We talked colors and I got to work. I had so much fun making this set of banners for Cari's family. The banners were not only hung … [Read more...]

Faithful in Grad School

My friend, Karen, a teacher who is taking a sabbatical to work on a master's degree at Harvard, recently sent this picture from Boston. I am thankful that this banner is reminding her that God is faithful! … [Read more...]


Thanks to Karen for sharing this image of her thankful banner with us. … [Read more...]

Through His Eyes

Taylor discovered his love of photography last December when the sun shone through the leaves of the sycamore trees and the air was filled with the sound of Monarch butterfly wings getting ready to fly. Putting the camera to his eye, he discovered a new world and he hasn't looked back. Taylor loves … [Read more...]

Eternal Hope

Some people come into our lives for a season, a specific period of time...others come into our lives and stay. I met Kenon at Westmont when I was a resident assistant, and her husband, Matt, was the resident director. I loved Kenon the moment I met her. I’m not sure if it was her smile, or … [Read more...]

In the Orchard

Bonnie's text read "Can you bring Alyssa over to go through the orchard and garden? Most afternoons next week will work after 4." Bonnie and Alyssa share a love of cooking so when I ran the idea by Alyssa she was thrilled. I know my way around our garden but it became clear that sunny summer … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Celebrate

Sunday, October 8, 2006 was a defining moment in the life of our family. In the ER of a hospital in Arlington, VA, while visiting our youngest daughter and her husband, I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. We were sad.  We were shocked. We were numb. Jim and Jana were by my side, and … [Read more...]


Thank you, Mo, for sending along this picture.  I had the privilege of making this banner for Mo's sister, Julie, as a reminder to keep the faith in the midst of her cancer journey. … [Read more...]


Thank you, Karis, for sending along this picture! I loved making this banner as "faithful" is a word I love to use to describe God. … [Read more...]