Guest Bloggers

I have exciting news to share! In the weeks and months to come, Joy in the Small Things will be featuring guest bloggers who will be answering the question, "Where do you find joy?" I am excited with the line up and can't wait for you to hear from these folks! In the meantime, "Where do you find … [Read more...]

The Collections: Holidays

The third collection of banners that I want to tell you about involves Christmas. Advent collection: holidays My favorite time of year is the four weeks leading up to Christmas. In our church tradition we call this Advent. During the first week of Advent we light the candle of hope to help us … [Read more...]

The Collections: Remember

Today I wanted to tell you about the second collection. This one has special meaning to me because my father in law is a Civil War buff. I have learned so much from him about this period in our history. Clara collection: remember Our house was built in 1924. This is cool for many reasons, not … [Read more...]

The Collections: Unique

This weekend I was able to make a number of banners and in doing so, I realized the best way to organize them is by collection. To start there will be three collections: The Chelle Collection, Clara Collection and Advent Collection. Today I wanted to tell you about the first collection. The Chelle … [Read more...]

Welcome – Part II

So I am finding myself relearning and learning for the first time things about God.  And during this past year, full of tests, pokes, sickness and ugliness, I felt like God said, “Why don’t you make a banner for so and so. And 88 banners later, I find myself starting a business which will soon be … [Read more...]

Welcome – Part I

I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life:  I made my first banner for my own family two years ago. We were in the midst of transition learning to live on a smaller salary as my husband had started working for a Christian non-profit in town. While we were thrilled with this new adventure, I knew, … [Read more...]