Advent Banners in Use

When she wrote to ask if I could make a set of Advent banners I was intrigued. They were going to hang them on the wall, one each week, during the month of Advent. We talked colors and I got to work. I had so much fun making this set of banners for Cari's family. The banners were not only hung … [Read more...]

Faithful in Grad School

My friend, Karen, a teacher who is taking a sabbatical to work on a master's degree at Harvard, recently sent this picture from Boston. I am thankful that this banner is reminding her that God is faithful! … [Read more...]

Where I find myself

What a it is November 1st, and I find my thoughts going in opposite directions. I am SO excited about the coming of Advent and can't stop thinking of new banners to make and sew. The textures of the fabric, the hum of my sewing machine, the light streaming in my windows... … [Read more...]