A Banner Blessing

How fun to receive this email today!

Just thought I’d share with you a blessing which stemmed from one of your banners …

I had an appointment at home during my lunch hour for a life insurance medical exam. The nurse and I sat at the kitchen table for the paperwork and initial part of the exam. At one point she looked up and pointed to the banner on the fire place and said, “Is ‘Grace” someone’s name, or is grace – grace?” I said, “It’s grace – grace.” She lit up and asked tentatively, “Oh, are you a believer?” I said, “Yes” and she just lit up! We went on to have a great talk – she shared with me that she became a Christian 4 years ago through Reality. We talked about praying for Daisy Merrick, cancer, and how great it is to meet other Christians. I realized, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity without the banner being there!

Thanks for what you do … it gives others opportunities we wouldn’t have known!


  1. I love this story Jill – thanks for sharing it with us all.