Cancer Card Xchange Banner

I first met Lib last winter when she ordered two banners, one for her home and one for their family business – Top of the World Farm. It was clear from our first communication that I had met a kindred spirit. Lib got back in touch late spring to see if I could make a banner for her good friend, Em, who had just started a non profit, Cancer Card Xchange. I enjoyed learning about this non profit as my mom is battling stage 3 ovarian cancer and Em had a cancer story of her own. After settling on the colors (a charcoal gray linen and deep red patterned cotton) she asked if I could copy Em’s font, RockSalt. I had so much fun free hand drawing the letters and hearts and while I sewed I prayed for Em and Lib, for their friendship, for Em’s new non profit, and the people Em would come in contact with through this ministry. I received this email from Lib the day the banner arrived. “Have you heard the place where our greatest passion and the world’s need meet is our ministry? You certainly have been blessed with a great one. Many blessings, Lib

When I had to stop teaching in the Fall of 2010 because of my Crohn’s diagnosis, I was so confused. Teaching was my ministry and I loved it. Those first months at home were hard. How could God use me?  By Spring 2011 I realized I could make banners whether I felt good or not, and it gave me something to do. While I love the whole process, picking the colors/textures, finding the word, working with people to get just the right banner, the thought never crossed my mind that this was my ministry. And then those words from Lib…as I read them, I felt like God was right at my shoulder saying, “There you go, even here, where you feel sidelined from life, I can use you…” and I am thankful.



  1. Krista Frohling says

    I love this, Jill. I’m thankful God’s provision and faithfulness and the way He brings beauty from the ashes. You’ve been given a gift and I love seeing you generously share it with others. Love you!