It was so easy making banners for Advent, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day…words like noel, hope, peace, joy, and love just fell into my lap. Easter, the most holy of holidays, is just around the corner, and I find myself coming up empty on how best to depict this event in words. Hosanna…hope…thankful…do any of these words work? I am spending time reading through the Scriptures and am very open to your suggestions for words that best depict or reflect the importance of Easter.  Thanks for your thoughts.


  1. Jill ~
    The words I think of are Hope, New Life, Life from Death…
    I will ponder more, though.

  2. How about “risen”?

  3. Yes, I like “risen!”

  4. I humbly suggest: arise, hope, wonder, love, resurrect, sacred, miracle, full life
    Chris said: Bunny, eggs, pink, UCSB lawn, family, jelly beans
    Who’s more holy these days??

    • Hmm, it’s hard to say! 🙂 Chris, I am going to have to go with Krista on this one, but really appreciate you thinking about this!

  5. I like hosanna!

  6. How about plentiful and passion?