In the Orchard

Bonnie’s text read “Can you bring Alyssa over to go through the orchard and garden? Most afternoons next week will work after 4.”

Bonnie and Alyssa share a love of cooking so when I ran the idea by Alyssa she was thrilled. I know my way around our garden but it became clear that sunny summer afternoon that Alyssa and Bonnie spoke the same language.

Comments like, “Mom, she has chocolate mint AND chives” and “I was thinking you could pick some of the blood oranges and try the blood orange olive oil cake recipe” abounded.

I am thankful for summer days filled with picking citrus and berries, tasting chocolate mint, smelling fragrant chives, and swapping recipes.

I am also thankful for people like Bonnie who relate with and spend time enriching my kids’ lives.



  1. So … when are you coming back?? Tell Alyssa I need some recipe ideas for leeks 🙂

  2. Love this post, Jill! AND…the people featured IN the post!