Eternal Hope

Some people come into our lives for a season, a specific period of time…others come into our lives and stay.

I met Kenon at Westmont when I was a resident assistant, and her husband, Matt, was the resident director. I loved Kenon the moment I met her. I’m not sure if it was her smile, or hug, or the way she included me in her life. She listened to me, she sat with me when I cried, and one night when I had a lot of studying to do but couldn’t get anything accomplished in my room, we ate espresso beans and couldn’t figure out why we were still wide awake at midnight! Kenon was like a big sister to me.

When Kenon emailed recently to say that she was battling cancer for the fifth time I was so sad. While praying for Kenon and her family I have asked God what I could do that would be an encouragement to her.

I love making banners and had the privilege of creating one for Kenon a year ago. It said “miracle,” because Kenon’s life truly was and is a miracle. She has survived four cancer battles. When I asked her if she had a new “word” for this battle she wrote back immediately saying, “Yes, it’s Eternal Hope, is that too long?” She went on to say that this banner would be an encouragement to her now and would be a reminder for her family later. In the midst of our discussion of fabrics and colors Kenon said, Thank you for being the hands of Christ in this work! Have you ever felt like Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web? You are sewing visions and dreams and hope… And changing lives as others gaze on these phrases of truth!!

Oh Kenon, if you only knew. I SO wanted this banner to be “right,” to be an encouragment, but none of the fabric in my sewing room was right. I decided to visit the Remnant Store this morning. As I touched every fabric, I prayed, “God, I am getting worried. I’m half way through this store and nothing is right. Please show me what you want me to use.” I turned the corner and there it was.

Knowing I would have a little time before the kids got home from school, I got right to work. I was hoping to at least get the letters cut out and the sewing started. I prayed as I worked, thanking God for helping me find this fabric and praying for Kenon and her family. An hour later the banner was completely put together and after ironing it, I realized it would be ready to be delivered tonight!

After leaving the banner on Kenon’s porch, I walked in the door and received this email. “IT IS BEYOND PERFECT – I could not have described it – yet there it was –exactly what I hoped for.”

I asked Kenon if I could post the picture she sent and possibly write about the experience. Her response, “Absolutely… You can talk all about how I think you are Charlotte and how you prayed over the fabrics and how God gives us eternal hope- irregardless of the length of our days on earth.”

Tonight as I pray for Kenon I am thankful, that in this small way, I could tangibly remind her of this truth.


  1. This is a beautiful story honoring a beautiful life. I LOVE Kenon’s description of your work. You are indeed a Charlotte Jill.

  2. Jill…you created a stunning banner…truly a God thing; you wrote an amazing story about radiant Kenon; what a precious daughter you are…I love you, Jill…Mom

  3. Krista Frohling says:

    Love you and your words and your sewing ability that showcases God’s truth and hope and love…

  4. Amazing. I love that your love of people, of giving gifts, for Kenon, for books, and for all things creative are represented here.