Things I Am Learning

So this weekend my hands were pretty much pain free and I was able to cut out eight banners and sew them. I love putting colors together and working with different textured fabrics. I was so excited about these as Karen is coming over tomorrow to look at some Joy banners and I wanted to have a number for her to pick from.
This morning I got an email from Ashlee. She loved the banner but the wool had broken. I am SO thankful this happened to someone who loves me as I was horrified. I quickly checked the 8 other banners that had that Peruvian wool and yes, every single one of them basically disintegrated in my hands as I pulled on them (mimicking what a person would do as they hung it on their wall). SO…..this morning I get to take apart and restring 8 banners.

I find myself thankful for time to do this, energy today, and for Ashlee’s gracious response.

I like doing things well, and standing behind what I make, this is going to be a learning experience for sure.