Guatemala Banner

Thank you to Michelle and Gerber for sending this great photo of their wedding banner! Follow Michelle and Gerber … [Read more...]

A Banner Blessing

How fun to receive this email today! Just thought I'd share with you a blessing which stemmed from one of your banners ... I had an appointment at home during my lunch hour for a life insurance medical exam. The nurse and I sat at the kitchen table for the paperwork and initial part of the … [Read more...]

Joy: Peering into The Promise

I once broke an old thermometer on the bathroom counter.  The broken glass spilled the silvery mercury, which separated and rolled like beads across the tiles.  Defining joy feels to me like capturing mercury – it can’t be gathered and contained.  Joy is metaphors and images – describing, instead of … [Read more...]

Wedding Banner

Thanks to Chris O. for sending this photo of one of my banners. It was recently used as part of the wedding decor for an outdoor spring wedding! … [Read more...]

Amor from Argentina

Thanks to Krista for sending this image of the amor banner that hangs in a friends' Córdoba, Argentina home. … [Read more...]

And the winner is…

Tricia! Thanks for participating in the drawing for the book, Kisses from Katie. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!     … [Read more...]

Kisses from Katie

It's time for another book giveaway! Taylor and I just started reading Kisses from Katie, A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption by Katie Davis with Beth Clark. It is so inspirational! Here is what people are saying about this book: "When you think of what one young woman can accomplish by … [Read more...]


Kris Severson joins us at Joy in the Small Things as a guest blogger. Enjoy! Joy “Where do I find joy?”  The question is asked. Initially I thought this would be easy to answer as I could give you my definition for joy, contrast joy to other emotions, and give plenty of illustrations of joy … [Read more...]

From Ann

Thanks to Ann Voskamp for posting this image of a banner I sent her. Follow Ann's work by selecting A Holy Experience from my Blogroll on the right. … [Read more...]

Practicing Gratitude

The hallmark of a truly “simple” life is gratitude.  “Gratitude is the heart of faith,” writes Mary Jo Leddy, author of Radical Gratitude.  In this vein, she relates a lovely prayer of gratitude the Jewish people pray every Passover as they celebrate the deliverance of the Hebrew people from Egypt.  … [Read more...]