The Collections: Unique

This weekend I was able to make a number of banners and in doing so, I realized the best way to organize them is by collection. To start there will be three collections: The Chelle Collection, Clara Collection and Advent Collection. Today I wanted to tell you about the first collection. The Chelle … [Read more...]

Welcome – Part II

So I am finding myself relearning and learning for the first time things about God.  And during this past year, full of tests, pokes, sickness and ugliness, I felt like God said, “Why don’t you make a banner for so and so. And 88 banners later, I find myself starting a business which will soon be … [Read more...]

Welcome – Part I

I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life:  I made my first banner for my own family two years ago. We were in the midst of transition learning to live on a smaller salary as my husband had started working for a Christian non-profit in town. While we were thrilled with this new adventure, I knew, … [Read more...]