A Flock Of Noels

About once a week I reorganize my fabrics. I started out having them by kind, 100 percent cotton, linen, upholstery, each in its own place.

Then I organized them by color. That was good until I overlooked a bright pink fabric and bought another one and now have two almost identical bright pink fabrics.

So this weekend I organized them by type. Floral, solids, holiday, and ….I didn’t get past holiday. I had so much fun looking at the Christmas fabrics that I have been collecting I decided to make more Noel banners. Rich took pictures of them yesterday afternoon and I just posted a new batch of banners today.

I would love to hear what color combination is your favorite. If you have another combination you would like to see in the store, just let me know! And I am ALWAYS looking for Christmas words. So far I have hope, peace, joy, love and noel. What am I missing?


  1. Amber Falconer says

    Jill, I just love the NOEL banner you have pictured. Great colors and I love the pattern on the red.