Finding Ann Voskamp

You know how much Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts, means to me. I talk about it all the time and I keep a gratitude journal. What you don’t know is that when I was making banners last winter and spring, I made one for Ann, it was number 52. I made it last February but couldn’t figure out how to get it to her. So I waited…and about two months ago I felt like God said, “She will get it, in time.” When we started Joy in the Small Things Rich used the first E from Ann’s eucharisteo banner as our logo. That made me really happy but I still wanted her to have the banner. It was the only one I hadn’t been able to deliver. Then last Friday Caleb, Ann’s oldest son, wrote to say the Cradle to Cross Wreath I had ordered was ready. Caleb makes these and all of the profits go to Compassion! There was a link where I could pay by Paypal, and then a little side note that said, snail mail address. And there it was, Ann’s address….I screamed, “Rich, I have it, I have Ann’s address!” Today I was able to mail her banner and it made me SO happy. God is in the details, and He always has been.


  1. Yay! God really is in the details. That is so awesome. 🙂