Where There is Love

Please welcome Amy to Joy in the Small Things. Her story will move you, as it moved me. So thankful for Amy in my life. Love. When I’m told to think of love, I think about warm feelings and a tender emotion. Such as the feeling when a beautiful relationship takes place. But I have found that love … [Read more...]


Thank you, Mo, for sending along this picture.  I had the privilege of making this banner for Mo's sister, Julie, as a reminder to keep the faith in the midst of her cancer journey. … [Read more...]


Thank you, Karis, for sending along this picture! I loved making this banner as "faithful" is a word I love to use to describe God. … [Read more...]

Gnade: Our Story

Joy. It’s a funny thing this word. Funny how often we confuse it with the emotion of happiness. Over many years and many trials, I’ve come to learn that joy is more than an emotion. I believe it is a gift. A gift from the Holy Spirit. A gift that’s always with us if we but open our hearts to see … [Read more...]

Finding Ann Voskamp

You know how much Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts, means to me. I talk about it all the time and I keep a gratitude journal. What you don't know is that when I was making banners last winter and spring, I made one for Ann, it was number 52. I made it last February but couldn't figure out how to get … [Read more...]