Where There is Love

Please welcome Amy to Joy in the Small Things. Her story will move you, as it moved me. So thankful for Amy in my life. Love. When I’m told to think of love, I think about warm feelings and a tender emotion. Such as the feeling when a beautiful relationship takes place. But I have found that love … [Read more...]


Thanks to Jen in Australia for sending this picture of her joy banner. It has been an unexpected blessing "meeting" wonderful people all over the world through Joy in the Small Things. … [Read more...]

A Flock Of Noels

About once a week I reorganize my fabrics. I started out having them by kind, 100 percent cotton, linen, upholstery, each in its own place. Then I organized them by color. That was good until I overlooked a bright pink fabric and bought another one and now have two almost identical bright pink … [Read more...]

Noel and Amor

Noel...Christmas...I have Evie to thank for reminding me to include this beautiful word in my Advent collection. Today I had fun looking through my Christmas fabrics, cutting out the letters and panels and sewing up a pretty Noel banner. Amor...the word Krista chose for her good friend Susi in … [Read more...]

Yesterday and today

Yesterday as I wished my friend, Bea, Happy Birthday, it hit me...one year ago I left my second grade classroom in Bea's capable hands, and I never came back. Leaving the students, my team, my principal, Amy, it almost broke me. As I recounted these things to Rich he said, you should write about … [Read more...]