Where I find myself

What a day…here it is November 1st, and I find my thoughts going in opposite directions.

I am SO excited about the coming of Advent and can’t stop thinking of new banners to make and sew. The textures of the fabric, the hum of my sewing machine, the light streaming in my windows… magnificent.

I am so NOT excited about my upcoming Neurology appointment at 3 pm today. I am adding another doctor to my team. When I saw Dr. Melmed at Cedars Sinai yesterday I knew we would be discussing other treatment options (Remicaid brought on medicine induced lupus and unexplained joint pain, possibly fibromyalgia?). But my offhand comment about the numb feeling in my right leg, the comment I almost didn’t mention, but did… the following battery of tests with Dr. Melmed saying, “we aren’t doing anything else to treat the Crohn’s until we figure this out…” I was not expecting this.

I am thankful for a cancellation that is allowing me to see Dr. Chen today, for insurance, and friends who pick up my kids when I am at appointments, and most of all, I am thankful that God is with me, even here, in the midst of so much uncertainty.


  1. Let me know what they find! I had a battery of tests done…MRI, blood work, spinal tap, etc…. and no one knows why my legs tingle and turn numb! Sorry about the drug induced lupus, right here with ya!

  2. Oh Jill! 🙁
    Praying for you!!